Video: Obama’s One Liners At His Final White House Correspondents Dinner

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Two final words: "Obama Out"

White House

Two final words: "Obama Out"

President Obama takes shots at Republicans, the media and himself at the final White House Correspondents Dinner of his presidency. Or as he put it “It is an honor to be here at my last—and perhaps the last—White House Correspondents Dinner.”

Some other one liners from Obama:

“8 years ago, I said it was time to change the tone of our politics. In hindsight, I clearly should have been more specific.”

“I love Joe Biden” “I just want to thank him for being a great friend” “For not shooting anybody in the face”

“Next year someone else will be standing here. It’s anyone’s guess who she will be”

On the GOP presidential candidates: “Some candidates aren’t polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight.”

On Ted Cruz’ gaff of calling a basketball hoop a ring “and I’m the foreign one.”

On Donald Trump he said he would be good at closing Guantanamo because he has experience of “running waterfront properties into the ground.”

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8 thoughts on “Video: Obama’s One Liners At His Final White House Correspondents Dinner

  1. President Obama should SERIOUSLY consider becoming a stand-up comedian when his term as President is up. He is OBVIOUSLY a natural at it, and it would be a great way for him to maintain public pressure against his political opponents while avoiding holding a political office, any of which would necessarily be a let-down after being President of the United States.

    Heck, if Reagan could go from being a second-rate, B-actor in cheesy comedies and melodramatic propoganda films to being President, then President Obama should enjoy public support for the idea of becoming that most American of entertainers, the topical and political comedian.

    And I’ll even bet that political talk show host Bill Maher would allow President Obama to introduce his act to America from his “Real Time with Bill Maher” HBO stage. Now THAT would be TV worth watching!

  2. not laughing at his own jokes shows the growth Obama has had in his 7 years.

  3. It is an honor to be the first to comment on President Obama’s last. However, his was a hard act to follow…in many ways. Thank you Mr. President.

  4. I don’t necessarily agree with the man, but this is really funny! Great joke-writing and delivery!

  5. Give him a late night talk show. He’d be the next Jon Stewart.