Video Replay: Hillary Clinton DFL Delegate Caucus

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In a sometimes raucous crowded small room, Minnesota Hillary Clinton elected 11 national convention delegates and two alternates. Bernie Sanders supporters met in the main convention hall and elected 16 national convention delegates and four alternates.

Click here to watch the main convention hall

Delegate election results

Hillary Clinton national delegates & alternates elected:
1. Liz De la Torre
2. Maychy Vu
3. Ellen Luger
4. Edwina Peterson
5. Katrina Cullen
6. Andie Whitaker
7. Claudia Cody
A1. Marie McCarthy

1. Ahmed Abdul
2. Zach Peterson
3. David Tomlinson
4. Mike Arulfo
A1. Patrick Kelliher

Bernie Sanders national delegates & alternates elected:
1. Muhammad Abdurrahman
2. Gabe Aderhold
3. Michael Gibino
4. John Neitge
5. Frank Hornstein
6. Keith McClain
7. Will Moore
A1. Michael Bearfoot
A2. Jacob Mazurek

1. Yishu Dài
2. Mara Glubka
3. Shakia McDavid
4. Erika Onsrud
5. Shauna Kaylene Wimmer Valdez
6. Margaret Breen
7. Nelsie Yang
8. Lisa Bender
9. Ashley Fairbanks
A1. Fartun Weli
A2. Susan Wolfe

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