Protests Erupt When Hillary Clinton Mentions Philando Castile

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Protests break out at Hillary Clinton speech in Minneapolis

Protests break out at Hillary Clinton speech in Minneapolis

Protesters began chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mentioned Philando Castile’s name while speaking in Minneapolis.

Police shot and killed Castile during a traffic stop in a St. Paul suburb setting off a wave of protests in Minnesota and across the nation. Clinton said she had the “great honor” of meeting with Castile’s family.

Protesters unfurled homemade banners that delegates to the American Federation of Teachers national conference tried to cover up with Hillary Clinton signs. Union organizers urged the crowd to chant “Hillary” to drown out the protesters.

A lone protester chanted “stop the deportations.”

Security eventually led the protesters out of the convention hall.

Video of protests

Above: video of Clinton speaking and the protest that broke out.

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