Rep. Paulsen Does About Face On Denouncing Trump

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Rep. Erik Paulsen is quizzed about his support for Donald Trump

Rep. Erik Paulsen is quizzed about his support for Donald Trump

In August, reporters repeatedly asked Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN) if he was going to denounce Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. “It shouldn’t be up to any of us to denounce presidential candidates,” said Paulsen — who refused to say at the time if he would or would not vote for his party’s presidential nominee.

After a tape was released Friday showing Trump making lewd and offensive comments about women, Paulsen reversed himself. First he tweeted that “Donald Trump’s words released today are disgusting and offensive.”

And then on Saturday, he released a statement saying that he would not vote for Trump.

Paulsen’s DFL opponent, Terri Bonoff, said it was “too late” for Paulsen to disavow Trump.

“I’m not calling on Erik Paulsen to disavow Donald Trump because it’s too late for that,” said Bonoff in a press release. “I’m calling on voters to disavow any politician who has not been willing to denounce Donald Trump over the past year despite the wealth of evidence that he is sexist, racist, homophobic, and poses a threat to our national security. For any politician to do so now is way too little and way too late. Voters should dismiss any politician who didn’t have the guts to stand up to Donald Trump when he could have been stopped long ago. And statements of opposition to him now are, frankly, pathetic.”

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