MNGOP Considering Voting Restrictions

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Mary Kiffmeyer

MN Senate Media

Mary Kiffmeyer

Minnesota voted down a constitutional amendment that would have made it harder for people to vote, but newly empowered Senate Republicans are considering a “voter ID” law.

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer (R-Big Lake) will be the new chair of the committee that hears election legislation and told reporters today that she thinks a majority of Minnesotans want a law requiring an ID to vote. That’s despite a statewide vote against a constitutional amendment in 2012. The amendment lost 53.84% to 46.16%- a nearly 8 percentage point margin.

Kiffmeyer says believes most people want such a law, but didn’t want it enshrined in the constitution.

She notes that Republicans will have the majority in the Senate for four years, so she will focus on other issues first.

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