Wisconsin Recount Nearly Finished, Mostly Milwaukee Absentees Yet To Count

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If the recount changes the outcome of Wisconsin’s presidential election it will have to come from the absentee ballots that have not been recounted in the city of Milwaukee.

Those absentee ballots have not yet been recounted because Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots at a central location after all of the election day ballots have been counted.

In the rest of the state only 10 precincts remain to be recounted according to a spreadsheet from the Wisconsin Elections Commission that shows the tally through Saturday night.

The changes in the vote totals still have been minimal. Hillary Clinton has cut into Donald Trump’s approximately 22,000 vote lead by only 63 votes.

Dane county, which was recounting its ballots by hand, finished on Saturday leaving Milwaukee the only large city still recounting votes. Milwaukee is an area that went heavily for Clinton. The election night total showed she won by a 143,486 vote margin (188,653 to 45,167) over Trump. The WEC spreadsheet from Saturday shows there are about 61,000 ballots yet to recount in Milwaukee.

The WEC issued the following explanation of the vote changes in Dane County.

Dane County: Increase of 11 votes in City of Madison Ward 34. The recount canvass determined 13 Absentee ballots were wrongly rejected on Election Day. The envelopes were opened and votes tallied. +11 votes for Clinton/Kaine.

The deadline to complete the recount is Monday December 12 at 8pm. The WEC then reviews the totals and must certify them by Tuesday December 13.

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