Video Replay – White House Press Secretary Faces Media Questions About “Alternative Facts”

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Sean Spicer answers questions

White House

Sean Spicer answers questions

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer answers questions at his first “official” news conferenceThis weekend Spicer accused media of misrepresenting the number of people attending President Donald Trump’s inauguration and then refused to answer any media questions about his accusation. Photos and DC metro ride counts indicate fewer people attended Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s in 2009 or even yesterday’s Women’s March On Washington.

Spicer said more people attended Trump’s inauguration than any other, but provided no evidence to back it up. When queried about that this weekend Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway called what Spicer offered as “alternative facts”, which quickly became a social media hashtag mocking the Trump administration.

Spicer is also likely to face questions about Trump’s decision to not release his tax returns despite his promise to do so. Trump’s tax returns could shed light on whether he is receiving gifts or payments from foreign states —something that is forbidden under the US Constitution.

Video of today’s press conference and Spicer’s Saturday scolding of press

Here’s video of Spicer’s scolding of the media on Saturday:

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