Video: Officer Yanez Shoots Philando Castile

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Ramsey County

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi’s office today released the evidence, include police dash cam video of officer Jeronimo Yanez walking up to Philando Castile’s car, talking to the driver and then firing seven shots into Castile’s car. Yanez was acquitted by a jury last Friday.

Transcript below. Warning video and transcript are graphic.

JY Hello sir.
PC (inaudible), how are you?
JY Good. Uh reason I pulled you over do you, your brake lights are out. So you only have one activated, active brake light and that’s gonna be your passenger side one. Your third brake Eight which is up here on top and then this one back here is gonna be out.
PC (inaudible)
JY You have your license and insurance?
(pause/background noise)
PC Sir, I have to teil you I do have a… JY Okay.
PC …firearm on me.
JY Okay.
PC I (inaudible)
JY Don’t reach for it then.
PC I’m, 1,1 was reaching for…
JY Don’t pull it out.
PC I’m not pulling it out.
DR He’s not…
JY Don’t puii it out.
DR You just killed my boyfriend
PC I wasn’t reaching …
DR He wasn’t reaching. ..
JY Don’t pull it out! DRHewasn’t.|^EXHIBIT^
1 of 7
1A _^ 62-CR-16-8110
JY Don’t move! Fuck.
DR Oh man, I can’t believe you just did that.
JY Fuck. Fuck!
DR Oh my God.
JY Don’t move!
DR Oh my God.
JY Don’t move!
DR Oh my God I’m shaking
JY Don’t move!
DR Don’t move baby.
JY Code 3. Get the baby giri outta here. Oh fuck.
DR Don’t, don’t (inaudible) sir.
JY Don’t move!
DR Don’t move baby, please
JY Fuck.
DR Whatever you do…
JY 6921 get a, medic here code 3. Shots fired. Oh fuck! (heavy breathing)
DR Stay with me.
JY Medics code 3!
DR We got pulled over for a busted tail Hght in the back.
JY Fuck.
DR …he, he (inaudible)
JY (deep breath) Fuck!
DR …my boyfriend. He’s licensed. He’s carries cuz he’s licensed to carry. He was trying to get out his ID in his wallet out his um, pocket and he let the officer know, that he was…
JY (heavy breathing)
DR …(inaudible) he had a firearm…
JY (heavy breathing)
DR …and he was reaching for his wailet. And the officer just shot him in his arm. JY Ma’am just keep your hands where they are.
DR I will sir. I will sir.
JY (heavy breathing) Fuck!
DR He shot his arm off.
JY (heavy breathing)…
DR …we got pulled over on Larpenteur and (inaudible)
JY I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand off it.
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DR He had… You told him to get his ID sir, and his driver’s license. Oh my God piease don’t tell me he’s dead.
JY (heavy breathing) oh fuck.
DR Please don’t teli me my boyfriend just went like that. JY Just keep your hands where they are please.
DR Yes, I will sir 111 keep my hands where they are.
JY (heavy breathing)
DR Please don’t tell me this Lord. Please Jesus
don’t tell me that he’s gone. (inaudible).
DR You shot four bullets into him sir.
DR He was just getting his license and his registration sir.
JY Get the female passenger out.
JK Ma’am exit the car right now with your hands up. Let me see your hands. Exit now.
JK Keep ’em up. Keep ’em up.
DR Where is my daughter? You got my daughter?
JK Face away from me and walk backwards.
JK Wa!k backwards towards me. Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. JT Get on your knees. Get on your knees.
JY 6910, one adult (sigh) 6921 !’m sorry. One adult female getting taken into custody. Driver, (heavy breathing) at gunpoint. (sigh) Juvenile femaie, chiid is with 6920. May… .couple other squads block off intersections (sirens) get supervisors here. Uh, page them out
BA What do you need Mo? (Police sirens)
DR (Inaudible) Please Jesus no. (Police sirens)
(Radio traffic) DR Please noo.
(Radio traffic) DR Please no.
JY Keep his hands where …
JY You see both his hands.
JY i need someone with gloves on.
(Radio traffic)
JA Mo, are all officers up?
JY Ok.
JA Are all officers good?
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(Radio Traffic)
JA Are all officers good?
JY Ail officers are good.
JY We need it pulled it into park.
GD I’m gonna take your spot. i’m gonna take your spot (inaudible). Listen, I’m gonna take your spot (inaudible).
GD I got your spot. Okay, I got

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