Minneapolis organizes around MPD

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Residents in Minneapolis continue to respond to the killing of George Floyd with different communities and groups focusing their organizing around the Minneapolis Police Department. Some seek greater accountability, some seek police reform, some seek to defund the police, some seek to dismantle and rebuild, others seek to abolish the police. All of these organizing strategies and visions ask for different things of Minneapolis electeds and the Minnesota State Legislature and Governor’s Office. Many of these ideas may even run contrary to each other, but they also represent a concerted effort by groups across Minneapolis centered on raising Black voices and on creating new structures for accountability and equity in Minneapolis.

In order to understand the organizing happening in Minneapolis, The UpTake will be sharing interviews from across Minneapolis with community leaders, community organizers, elected officials, and other community members about their organizing work and their vision for a more equitable Minneapolis.

The first interview, conducted over Facebook live on July 10, is with Marjaan Sirdar, an UpTake writer and Southside community organizer.

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