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“I Have Come Here To Bury The Last Remnant Of The Cold War” – Obama Addresses Cuban People In Havana

Cuba is one of the United State’s closest neighbors. 90 miles separate it from the U.S. mainland. But 50 years of cold war policies have kept the island nation a world away. President Barack Obama told the Cuban people on Tuesday “I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.”

March 22, 2016 |

Franken Gets Laughs In Debate With McFadden – Video Highlights

If there’s one number Mike McFadden wants you to remember it’s 97. If there’s one thing Senator Al Franken wants you to remember is that a survey found Ted Cruz is the most non-partisan Senator. Yes, the same Ted Cruz who led the charge to shutdown the U.S. government. Confused? Watch the video and you’ll get it.

October 3, 2014 |