The Whole Story—The Franken/Coleman Recount & Election Contest

Letting people see the whole story can sometimes change the course of history.

In 2008, Minnesota’s US Senate race was decided by a several hundred votes out of more than two million cast. The recount and resulting election contest dragged on for nearly eight months. At stake: the 60th Democratic vote that could thwart a Republican filibuster.

In today’s hyper-partisan politics you might expect a race this close with so much at stake would be appealed to the US Supreme Court. At minimum you’d expect that the losing party would gain a lot of media attention by claiming the election had been stolen. Normally that would be true, but in this case the media didn’t give those claims any credibility.


Because the media and the rest of the world had been able to watch every moment of the recount and election contest live. On top of that, there was an indisputable video record of every moment. All of this thanks to The UpTake which livestreamed every day of the recount and trial.

“The UpTake showed the world that Minnesota is not Florida” said Senator Al Franken in praise of his state’s “homegrown citizen journalism” organization.

Thanks to The UpTake’s strong commitment to covering the whole story, and letting people see the events as they happened without commentary, Minnesota’s reputation for clean elections was not only intact, but enhanced.

So how did The UpTake accomplish a task that the much better-funded TV stations were unwilling to do?

You made it happen.

When we were nearly out of money to cover the trial we turned to you and you came through. Small donations from hundreds of people kept our coverage going. Without them, the transparency we were providing would have ceased. And who knows what would have happened? Let’s not contemplate that. Instead, send us a donation to keep shining the light of video on the whole story and the truth.