Structures for Inclusion Conference 2012 in Austin Texas: Design is Relational

STRUCTURES FOR INCLUSION is an annual conference focused on design for social good. Structures for Inclusion 2012 brings together activists, designers, funders and policy makers who are at the forefront of designing in the public’s interest. Dynamic innovators and experienced professionals from around the world are providing honest, inspiring conversations and participatory workshops to help designers do more and do it better. This year’s theme: Design is Relational

It is not just about objects. It’s also about being a catalyst to change human relationships and activities.

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North Minneapolis: What’s working?

The tornado that swept through North Minneapolis unmasked longstanding problems such as poverty and lack of jobs. The disaster has been a catalyst to solving some of those systemic problems.

“They’re Trying to Make us Homeless!”

North Minneapolis resident DeWayne refuses to leave his home on Logan Avenue, which was damaged during the May 22 tornado, but which is still structurally sound and safe. The City of Minneapolis condemned the house and urged DeWayne and his children to go to a shelter.

Winter Snow Survives MN Summer

The UpTake digs deep – literally. Nick Coleman and Chuck Olsen find proof that Minnesota’s winter does not surrender easily, even in a 100 degree heatwave. Care to place bets on when this snowcone disappears from the St. Paul Sears parking lot?

NPR's Andy Carvin

Andy Carvin: Live-tweeter of revolutions

The UpTake chats with Andy about how he finds his sources, how he balances his repoire with those sources while keeping a journalistic detachment, and how he doesn’t hold back on having a human reaction to the horrors of war.