Minneapolis organizes around MPD

In order to understand the organizing happening in Minneapolis, The UpTake will be sharing interviews from across Minneapolis with community leaders, community organizers, elected officials, and other community members about their organizing work and their vision for a more equitable Minneapolis. The first interview is with UpTake columnist and southside organizer, Marjaan Sirdar.

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women: Panel and Community Discussion

Watch a recent discussion on legislative action in support of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and hear from local leaders. https://youtu.be/28zW6OnQH3s

Panelists were Sarah Curtiss (Men as Peacemakers), Rose Whipple (Indigenous youth leaders), Rene Ann Goodrich (Native Lives Matter), and State Representative Mary Kunesh-Podein (41B). Following the panel, there was small group discussion. The event was free and open to all and was hosted by Voices for Racial Justice and The UpTake.

Now Hiring!

The UpTake is seeking freelance reporters who will explore social issues and injustices, as well as legislative politics, in order to help the organization more deeply report on social issues and social movements.

Small Business Spotlight: Trio Plant-Based

Trio Plant-Based, currently owned by Louis Hunter, opened in Sept. 2018. It’s one of the only Black-owned vegan restaurants in Minnesota and offers vegan comfort food and recently launched a new menu which highlights its soul food platters and bowls, a variety of burgers, and covered fries.

50 Years of Movement Art: Ricardo Levins Morales opens his first exhibit

Another World is Possible: Five Decades of Revolutionary Art with Ricardo Levins Morales is open until Nov. 22 at 3715 Chicago Ave. The exhibit hours are Mon.-Wed. and Fridays. from 9am-5pm; Thurs. from 9am-8pm; and Sat. from 11am-3pm; the exhibit is closed on Sundays. For more information on Levins Morales and the exhibit you can check out: https://www.rlmartstudio.com/exhibit/

Funding journalism and building support for independent journalism

Hello UpTake supporters –

It’s been an amazing week for our organization and we’re grateful for you. I want to talk about the stretch goal we launched last week and why it’s so important we invest in training and paying freelance journalists. First, a bit of housecleaning, we had originally announced that we had made our original goal of $4,000 on Wednesday, but there was an unfortunate accounting error (I’m always learning how to do this work better) and we did not actually meet our $4,000 goal until early Sunday. Because of your generosity, we can afford to make some absolutely crucial fixes to our website’s back-end operations and technology. You’ve shown faith in our organization, our mission, and our leadership and we appreciate it.

Big news from The UpTake


Thank you to all who joined us for our first Community Cafe at Sammy’s Avenue Eatery on Tues. the 16th! Many of you might not know this but The UpTake has been going through a period of transition since I’ve taken over. News organizations, including our own, have struggled to find sustainability and, even more so, we’ve struggled to understand what our role is in an ever-changing world that distrusts journalism and journalists. We also believe that it’s time for journalism to reconsider who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Hagedorn Echoes Trump-Style Talking Points In CD1 Debate

Black Lives Matter is “extreme,” and the federal government needs to focus on preventing “Islamic terrorists” from voting or even entering the U.S.— just some of the positions held both by Republican congressional candidate Jim Hagedorn and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump