End Of “Quick On The UpTake”

Mike McIntee

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is my last “Quick On The UpTake” show on AM950. Throughout the program’s 19-month run, our smart and savvy audience has been an integral part of the show, providing me instant feedback, information and corrections through our live blog. If you were a guest, I just had to hold the reins and let you all do the talking. If you were a behind-the-scenes volunteer, you made it possible for me to focus on keeping things on the rails. If you were one of the many people who filled in for me, you helped me keep my sanity.

Welcome To Our New Website

New look, new functionalities, better search – same old reliable UpTake content.  We’re still moving into the site, unpacking the boxes and trying out all the new tech goodies so not everything is as it should be yet.  If you see something that’s not working, please send us an email