The U.S. Census Bureau says a draft category on sexual orientation and gender identity was submitted to Congress in error, and quickly erased it.

LGBTQ Category Removed from 2020 Census

Members of the LGBTQ community say they are feeling erased after proposed questions on sexual orientation and gender identity were removed from a draft of the 2020 Census this week.

The order requires regulations to only consider cost, not the value of protections.

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Order on Regulations

Public-interest, environmental and labor groups have joined in filing a federal lawsuit challenging the legality of President Trump’s executive order requiring federal agencies to eliminate two existing regulations for every new one enacted.

AARP is launching a new campaign to convince members of Congress to keep President Donald Trump's commitment to safeguard Medicare.

AARP Launches Major Campaign to Protect Medicare

The nation’s largest senior advocacy group, AARP, is launching a campaign to block congressional efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

530 refugees, more than half from Syria, were resettled in Connecticut last year.

Ban on New Refugees Affects Those Already Here

A refugee resettlement organization that helped more than 500 resettle in Connecticut last year says the executive order signed by President Trump to stop the arrival of new refugees for 120 days affects those already here awaiting family members and could greatly extend the process for those hoping to come.

Vetting of refugees involves three government agencies and takes 18 to 24 months.

Executive Order Leaves Refugees in Danger, Advocates Say

Refugee resettlement advocates say the executive order signed Friday by President Trump to halt resettlement of any refugees in the United States for 120 days leaves tens of thousands of refugees already in the process with few options

Trump at CIA HQ

Video Replay-Trump Speaks At CIA Headquarters

President Donald Trump speaks to about 400 employees at the CIA’s Headquarters in McLean, VA. He says he knows that most of them voted for him. Trump has been at odds with the intelligence comment over its findings that Russia tried to tamper with the US election.

Obama: This is Fake News

Obama: “This Is Fake News” – Voting Fraud Allegations

In his final news conference President Barack Obama talks about how the United States is the only democracy to suppress the voting franchise and it can be traced directly back to racist Jim Crow laws. “This is fake news” he says about allegations of voting fraud that are used to justify voting restriction laws.