Simon Urges MN Legislature To Invest In Democracy

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says the state can do more to insure voting rights. He and legislative leaders unveil a plan to increase voting security; decrease barriers to voter registration; restore of voting rights for those who were formerly incarcerated; and protect voter privacy.

Video Replay: “Making A Murderer” Defense Attorney Discusses Avery Case

Is our criminal justice fair? That’s been one of the central questions among Minnesota lawmakers as they figure out how to deal with a growing prison population and is also at the center of a Netflix documentary series called “Making a Murder.” The defense attorney in the case speaks to Minnesota lawmakers.

Shooting victim Wesley Martin and his Advocate Jermaine Alexander

Man Claims Police Threatened Him After White Supremacists Shot Him

When you’re the victim of a shooting you expect the police to help you, not threaten you. But that’s what Wesley Martin says happened to him after a group of white supremacists opened fire on him and four other Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis on November 23.