Simon Urges MN Legislature To Invest In Democracy

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says the state can do more to insure voting rights. He and legislative leaders unveil a plan to increase voting security; decrease barriers to voter registration; restore of voting rights for those who were formerly incarcerated; and protect voter privacy.

Obama: This is Fake News

Obama: “This Is Fake News” – Voting Fraud Allegations

In his final news conference President Barack Obama talks about how the United States is the only democracy to suppress the voting franchise and it can be traced directly back to racist Jim Crow laws. “This is fake news” he says about allegations of voting fraud that are used to justify voting restriction laws.

These Election Judges Want To Decide Who Can Vote

Change the rules be cause votes are being stolen and people are registering same day as the election say “election judge” sticker wearing supporters of a lawsuit to change Minnesota voting rules just days before the election.

Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen

Battling ‘Minnesota Nice’, Structural Racism And White Privilege

“So can we talk about race?” asked Vivian Jenkins-Nelsen to a nearly all-white League of Women Voters gathering at a south Minneapolis restaurant. The co-founder of the INTER-RACE Institute, a diversity think tank located at Augsburg College said structural racism is alive in Minnesota because people don’t talk about it enough.

Felon Voter Rights Restoration Takes Big Tent

A “perpetual punishment” past prison is how the Restore The Vote coalition describes Minnesota’s law barring felons who are on parole from voting. There appears to be more lawmakers favoring making a change to the law this year.

Smeared Face Of #Pointergate Tells His Story

Navell Gordon steps out from behind KSTP-TV’s blur to say he’s not the gang member the station insinuated he is. “I’m a member of the NOC gang, Knocking on doors, and organizing and getting more people involved.”

Dan Severson

Sec Of State Candidate Severson Apparently Confused On Absentee Ballot Law

Minnesota Republican endorsed secretary of state candidate Dan Severson claims the new “no-excuse” absentee ballot legislation which allows any registered voter to absentee vote without an excuse specifically excludes military personnel from this privilege, requiring them to provide an excuse. The secretary of state office says Severson is wrong.

Minnesota Capitol- Summer

Poll: Minnesota Wants Less Restrictive Medical Marijuana Law

Minnesotans may not be ready to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but they do apparently want a less restrictive medical marijuana law that would allow patients to smoke marijuana, particularly if that’s the only way to get medical relief. That’s one of many issue findings in an unscientific, but well-read Minnesota Senate poll