Ellison: NATO Focuses on Old Threats, Ignores New Threats

As thousands of protestors massed in Chicago to protest the NATO summit, U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison (Minnesota) agreed with some of the demonstrators’ claims, but disagreed with others. “I do agree we’re spending too much on the military, but I believe in the military.”

Syrian Revolution Anniversary Demonstration

A group of Syrian-Americans gathered in Loring Park to commemorate the the anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian Demonstrations that grew out of the Arab Spring. This rebellion has bee treated very harshly by the Assad government. To this date, there are more than 10,000 people dead, among them 600 women and 430 children. The Syrian Sunrise Foundation is one of the US organizations involved with the revolution. Minnesota Facebook page has the local information.

“3, 2, 1, to Jenin (Palestine) Yalla Run!”

The physical struggles during the Run Across Palestine paled in comparison to the daily hardships endured by Palestinian olive farmers, whose land and right to plant olive trees and build homes is threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements.

Somalis Close Wells Fargo Accounts To Protest Bank’s Lack Of Support

Wells Fargo Bank isn’t backing the Minnesota Somali community’s fight to send money back to their starving families, so the Somalis are pulling their money out of Wells Fargo. About 100 people, Somali Americans with their supporters from labor unions, and from citizen activist groups staged a noisy rally in front of the Wells Fargo branch at 3030 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis on Friday January 13, 2012, to draw attention to the serious humanitarian crisis in Somalia and to plead with Wells Fargo to take the leadership to resolve the issue. Since late December, Somali Americans living in Minnesota have been unable to send financial support — a much-needed lifeline — to their loved ones living in East Africa. At that time, a small community bank stopped working with Hawalas, the community-based financial institutions that are the only practical method to transfer funds to famine-stricken Somalia. There was a large rally at the State Capitol January 6, 2012 highlighting the desperate plight of Somali families.