QOTU: Franken’s amdt, a march on Pawlenty & fighting poverty

October 9, 2009. MN NOW Prez Shannon Drury talks about Sen. Franken’s amdt that would aid defense contract workers who have been sexually assaulted. Also: Nurse Stephanie Wells talks about the march on Gov. Pawlenty & MN. Rep Thissen on the MN Commission to End Poverty.  
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QOTU: St.Paul Mayor Coleman & Mental Illness Awareness Week

Quick on The UpTake: October 8, 2009. Guests are Maureen Marrin from Mental Health Consumer Survivor Network and Sue Abderholden from NAMI, who talk about Mental Illness Awareness Week. Also, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman talks about his decision not to run for governor in MN in 2010. Grace Kelly follows with commentary.

Human side of budget cuts- Quick On The UpTake Feb 15, 2009

Governor Tim Pawlenty’s proposed budget slashes dollars for Health and Human Services. We hear testimony from Ann Milikan about how she may die if the state cuts Minnesota care. We get help in covering this story from Marty Owings of KFAI and www.myradiofreenation.com We talk about the www.powderhorn365.com photo project with founder Amy Wurdock, get a first hand report from The UpTake’s Corrine McDermid in Denver on President Obama signing the stimulus package there, and The UpTake’s Executive Director Jason Barnett tells us how other independent media are looking at The UpTake as a model they might want to follow.

The Ballots That Won’t Count- Quick On The UpTake For Friday Feb 13, 2009

A court ruling that limits the number of ballots to be considered in the election contest trial between Norm Coleman and Al Franken could be bad news for Coleman.  We get details about the ruling, listen to a live news conference with the Franken campaign lawyer Marc Elias and talk about press access to the Minnesota Legislature with Checks And Balences Shawn Towle.  Should the government decide who is and who isn’t media?