“Conned” by “Obama Mania” – How McCain Can Win

Despite polls that show Barack Obama ahead, one McCain stratagist sees a scenerio that will give victory to John McCain.  Lewis Oliver is the Chairman of McCain’s campaign in Central Florida.  He says little things such as Palin on Saturday Night Live and gaffs by Joe Biden have given McCain momentum and undecideds will break towards the candidate who looks like he is going to win.

Biden Barnstorms Battleground Colorado

Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been crisscrossing the state of Colorado.  Polls show the Barack Obama/Biden ticket is ahead in the state, but it is close.  Here he revs up the crowed at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. You can watch his entire speech and/or watch the speakers who introduced him in our playlist below.

Inside An Acorn

In ACORN’S Michigan office, employees are baffled by what they call an “aggressive” attack on their organization.  The community organization, whose goal during the election cycle is to register as many voters as possible, refutes claims that fraudulent voter registration cards have an affect on the election.

“Jobs, Baby, Jobs”- Clinton & Obama In Florida

Sending the bull to clean up the china shop makes as much sense as sending Republicans back to Washington to clean up the nation’s financial mess.  That was one of the many one liners Senator Hillary Clinton fired off at Republicans as she campaigned in Orlando, Florida with Senator Barack Obama.  
Clinton tweaked her oft used line “it takes a Clinton to clean up after a Bush” to once again a Democrat will help us rise from the Bushes.  She also tweaked the Republican campaign slogan of “drilll baby drill” to the more economically focused “jobs, baby, jobs”.

Early Voters in Florida

October 20th is the first day for early voting in Florida. Sam Mayfield visited polling stations in Central Florida including downtown Orlando and Winter Park. Most voters indicated they wanted to avoid the long lines and traffic associated with election day.  Others cited the problems with ballot counting in 2000; this year they wanted to be certain their vote was counted correctly. Over midday the longest line seen was about 75 people although there were reporters of lines up to 100 in some locations. VIDEO: Sam MayfieldTEXT: Noah Kunin

Palin Stumps in Colorado As Early Voting Starts

Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin spoke in Loveland, Grand Junction and Colorado Springs on Monday, the same day that early voting started in Colorado.  The Republican ticket is trailing in the polls.   Below are videos from Palin’s visit to Colorado Springs shot by The UpTake’s Corrine McDermid.  


African-American man: Whites Support Obama Out Of Guilt

A conservative African-American man at a Norm Coleman rally in Mora, MN hopes the Bradley Effect comes into play to prevent an Obama presidency. The Bradley Effect is the alleged tendency among some voters to tell pollsters they’ll vote for a black candidate, but actually vote for their white opponent. Filmed by Chuck Olsen for The UpTake: http://theuptake.org

Two Words for John McCain

Supporters and protesters at a McCain rally are asked to give two words to describe John McCain. The answers range from “love” to “cronyism.” Filmed by Chuck Olsen in Lakeville, MN for The UpTake

Vets March On Presidential Debate

Risking arrest, about a dozen veterans along with about two hundred students marched on the Presidential debate in New York this evening.  The vets had threatened to march into the debate hall if they were not allowed to have their questions asked at the final Presidential debate.  They were stopped by police about a block from the debate.  
With the crowd shouting “let them in” and “shame on you” to police, about seven of the veterans were detained.  In our Blip player below, youcan see the videos from the march, including the one where they state the questions they want answered.The vets are marching because they say their issues have been ignored by the candidates.

On Suspending Campaigns

This is Sock Le Puppet with breaking campaign news.Senator John McCain says he is going to suspend his Presidential campaign so he can focus on the nation’s financial crisis. He has challenged Barack Obama to do the same.However, John McCain did not define what “suspend” would mean.To help fill the this void of information, I, Sock Le Puppet offer a list of items that should also be suspended so we can all focus on this financial crisis.First : Sex. You can’t think about money when you’re having sex. Unless of course you’re being paid for it.Next: Mortgage payments. Isn’t this what started this whole mess anyway?