President Obama delivers his weekly address from the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois

Obama: Politics Preventing Job Creation

President Obama reports to the American people from the road this week in his weekly address. He says politicians in Washington, DC can learn a lot from the people he’s talked to during his stops in Atkinson, Illinois and Peosta, Iowa and Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Minnesota FBI Victims Get Worldwide Support

About 150 supporters rallied in frigid weather in front of the Minneapolis Federal Court Building to support the Minnesota Committee to Stop FBI Repression, a group formed for the nine individuals who were targeted by Minneapolis FBI raids September 24, 2010.

Peace Activists In Chicago Protest FBI Raids

Peace Activists In Chicago Protest FBI Raids

On Jan. 25, demonstrators held rallies in over 50 cities worldwide to protest the FBI’s September 2010, raids on 14 peace activists and subsequent Grand Jury subpoenas of 23 different activists — 9 of whom are involved in solidarity work with Palestine. All of those who received summons to testify before a Grand Jury in Chicago refused, through their attorneys.

Chicago Activists Recount FBI Raids

Chicago peace activists Joe Iosbaker and Stephanie Weiner recount the Sept. 24 FBI raid on their home in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. The FBI simultaneously raided the homes of over a dozen peace activists in the Twin Cities.