Simon Urges MN Legislature To Invest In Democracy

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says the state can do more to insure voting rights. He and legislative leaders unveil a plan to increase voting security; decrease barriers to voter registration; restore of voting rights for those who were formerly incarcerated; and protect voter privacy.

The pay gap in Minnesota between men and women is nearly $10,000 a year, but state lawmakers still opted to close the Legislative Office on the Economic Status of Women.

Politics Behind Silencing Voice For Women At MN Capitol

The state office that informs Minnesota lawmakers about the job and pay-related challenges faced by women in the state has been eliminated. Minnesota lawmakers outlawed staffing the Office on the Economic Status of Women and eliminated all its funding.

Retirees in Minnesota pay taxes on the Social Security benefits they receive. Only a dozen other states tax these benefits.

Retirees Hope For Tax Relief In MN Budget Agreement

Retired folks in Minnesota hope they’ll be included in any tax breaks state lawmakers and Gov. Mark Dayton agree on during a final budget plan. Only a dozen other states tax Social Security benefits.

Mankato students walk 100 miles for higher education

Walking 100 Miles for Higher Ed

As lawmakers present their respective proposals for higher education funding, students representing a handful of Minnesota State universities, from Mankato to Moorhead to Bemidji, completed a 100-mile walk Wednesday.

Whether your phone service is a traditional line or internet-based, Minnesota consumer advocates say the protections should be the same.

Consumer Advocates: Don’t Hang Up on Internet Phone Protections

A bill before the Minnesota Legislature would eliminate some consumer protections to an increasingly-popular telephone service known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which many believe could leave older Minnesotans and those in rural parts of the state hanging.

Howling For Wolves Rally At Capitol

Wolf Supporters Rally For Hunting Ban

Defenders of wolves raised a howl at the Capitol for Wolf Day 2017. They want the legislature to repeal the wolf hunting law and to ban snaring of all wild animals.