“3, 2, 1, to Jenin (Palestine) Yalla Run!”

The physical struggles during the Run Across Palestine paled in comparison to the daily hardships endured by Palestinian olive farmers, whose land and right to plant olive trees and build homes is threatened by encroaching Israeli settlements.

MN Investing In Apartheid Say Protesters

The Break the Bonds Campaign gathered about 80 protesters in the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda in St. Paul on Wednesday, March 30. The assembled group represented about half the legislative senate districts in the state.

I Will Not Hate, I Will Hope

Dr. Izzaldin Abuelaish appeared at a book signing at the University of Minnesota last Thursday for his book I Will Not Hate. Dr. Abuelaish, now an obstetrician at the University of Toronto, was a physician at a Hospital in Tel Aviv, making him the first Gazan MD to practice in an Israeli hospital.