Appealing For Intervention On Shutdown

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Groups are appealing to the Special Master appointed to oversee disputes on state spending since Minnesota Republicans and Governor Mark Dayton have not agreed on a budget. Former Supreme Court Justice Kathleen Blatz is serving as Special Master. Her recommendations will be forwarded to Ramsey County District Court Judge Kathleen Gearin.

List of organizations appealing and schedule for hearing their appeal today. Also video playback of selected groups

Hearing schedule:
8:00 AM – Minnesota Assocition of Treatment Programs (MATP)
8:20 AM Vinland National Center
8:40 AM Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP)
9:00 AM Association of Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM), Minnesota Development Achievement Center Association (MnDACA) and Minnesota Habilitation Coalition Inc (MHC)
9:20 AM The Arc Minnesota
9:40 AM Vail Place
10:00 AM Recess
10:20 AM Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
10:40 AM Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs Inc (MACMHP)
11:00 AM Minnesota ZooMoved to Judge Kathleen Gearin’s court- no video available.
11:20 AM Partners for Affordable Housing (PAH) (Postponed until Tuesday)
11:40 AM – Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
12:00 – Recess
1:00 PM Blind Inc
1:20 PM Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA)
1:40 PM Southern Minnesota Regional legal Services Inc.
2:00 PM Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Minneapolis (JFCS)
2:20 PM League of Minnesota Cities (tentative)
2:40 PM Minnesota Workforce Council Association (MWCA)
3:00 PM Recess
3:20 PM Affirmative Options
3:40 PM Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM)
4:00 PM Minnesota Community Action Partnership (MinnCAP)
4:20 PM Minnesota School Board Association
4:40 PM MN Harness Racing Inc Ran out of time. Postponed

Video Playback: Vail Place

Video Playback: Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women

Video Playback: Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs

Video playback: Minnesota Coalition For The Homeless

Video playback: Child Care Providers

Video playback: Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Video Playback: Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

Video Playback: Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Minneapolis

Video Playback: Affirmative options, Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM) & MN Community Action Partnership (MinnCAP)

Video Playback: Minnesota School Board Association


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