Hunger Strike Against Grocery Store Ends

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Since Saturday May 21st group of retail cleaning workers and their supporters have engaged in a protest and hunger strike demanding Cub Foods management agrees to meet with members of CTUL, a workers rights organization, to discuss a proposed code of conduct for fair wages and working conditions. Six people, including the Rev. Grant Stevenson, have not eaten since Saturday, May 21st. Other workers who currently clean stores at night have also joined the hunger strike on a rolling basis.

Ten years ago, many workers who clean Cub Foods made up to $10-$11 an hour. Now, most workers make as little as $7.50 an hour and the workload has doubled.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison issued the following statement on the CTUL cleaning worker hunger strike:

“Ever since the CTUL cleaning workers began their hunger strike for better wages, I’ve been worried about their health. Now, on this 12th day, I am calling on CTUL cleaning workers and allies to end their hunger strike.

These courageous people have sacrificed their health long enough. I urge all parties to come to the table to find common ground. In the end, I hope all parties can sit down, talk, and come to a conclusion that ensures these workers’ voices are heard.

I will continue to work to get the management involved to meet with the workers and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.”

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