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Feb. 24, 2020

9:45am – House Ways and Means Committee*
* The room is blocked until noon if necessary to complete the agenda.
Presentation on Inflationary Increases in Forecast.
– Bill Marx, House Chief Fiscal Analyst.
Informational hearing on HF150 (Schultz) Rate of inflation inclusion in state forecast required.
– Jane Leonard, President, Growth & Justice.
– Scott Croonquist, Executive Director, Association of Metropolitan School Districts.
– Clark Biegler Goldenrod, Deputy Director, Minnesota Budget Project, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.
* HF1424 (Stephenson) Student loan advocate established, licensure of student loan servicers required, certain practices prohibited in student loan servicing, and report required.
* HF998 (Ecklund) Sentencing veterans for criminal offenses related to a service-related disorder court guidance provided.
** HF2808 (Elkins) Website Accessibility Grant Advisory Council established, grants to cities and counties to improve website accessibility funding provided, and money appropriated.
** HF2182 (Klevorn) Direct Care Service Corps established, report required, and money appropriated.
HF2053 (Cantrell) Office of Enterprise Sustainability created.
HF689 (Long) Probation length for certain offenses modified, and court-granted early termination and discharge of probation clarified.
*** HF492 (Dettmer) Traffic violations that cause great bodily harm or death to another misdemeanor established.
* HF1424 and HF998 will be procedural motions to re-refer the bills without recommendation to the Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division; a more complete hearing of the bills will occur when they return to the Ways and Means Committee for final consideration.
**Pursuant to Joint Rule 3.02(b), HF2808 and HF2182 were returned to the Ways and Means Committee; there will be procedural motions to re-refer HF2808 without recommendation to the State Government Finance Division, and HF2182 will be re-referred without recommendation to the Long-Term Care Division; a more complete hearing of the bills will occur when they return to the Ways and Means Committee for final consideration.
***Pursuant to House Rule 4.20, HF492 was returned to the Ways and Means Committee from the General Register; it was heard and debated on the merits during the 2019 legislative session and there is no fiscal impact; the committee will be taking a procedural vote to move the bill out of committee and back to the General Register.


12:45pm-House Long-Term Care Division
NOTE: For the purpose of making a corrective referral, the following bill will be moved to the Health and Human Services Policy Committee without recommendation: HF3445 (Morrison) Psychiatric residential treatment facility services determination and documentation requirement to involve state medical review agent eliminated, per diem rate per youth psychiatric residential treatment services provider establishment required, and facilities or licensed professionals permitted to submit billing for arranged services.
Presentation from the Office of the Ombudsman for Long-Term Care.
Presentation of Alzheimer’s Disease Working Group Legislative Report.
HF3074 (Lippert) Self-directed caregiver grant provision changed.
HF3077 (Lippert) Caregiver support program and service provisions modified, essential community support modified, and money appropriated.

3:30pm – House Floor Session

4pm-House Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee*
* Committee to meet 30 minutes after session adjourns or 4 p.m., whichever is later.
HF3376 (Wazlawik) Trichloroethylene use prohibited.
HF3377 (Wazlawik) Air emission physical measurements and emission-related statistic reporting required.
HF3378 (Wazlawik) Pollution Control Agency required to hold public hearing.
HF3180 (Claflin) Food packaging chemical use regulated.
HF3181 (Claflin) Nonwoven disposable product labeling provided.
HF3342 (Lee) Nontoxic shot required for taking small game.
HF3535 (Becker-Finn) Muzzleloader provisions modified.


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