Occupy-Backed Homeowner Gets Foreclosure Trial

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Click on photo to watch Monique White and supporters fight her eviction.

Monique White, the embattled North Minneapolis homeowner, around whom the Occupy Homes movement has rallied to stave off foreclosure and eviction, had her day in court.

Freddie Mac made its case for why White should lose her home, and White and her attorneys made their case for why the mortgage holder should renegotiate.

White, an African-American single mother, currently works two jobs and lives in a zip code where over half of all homes have been foreclosed on. She lives at the epicenter of the American home foreclosure crisis, which is a reason why the Occupy movement has decided to make a stand with her.

Judge Labine will decide next week whether White will lose her home or whether she gets a jury trial. While The UpTake waited for today’s proceedings to conclude, we talked to Occupy activists and John Vinje, who is also facing foreclosure.

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