Video Replay: Legislative Committees Approve Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage

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Tuesday afternoon Minnesota’s Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill legalizing same-sex marriage by a 5-3 vote. The House Civil Law Committee approved a similar bill Tuesday evening 10-7. The votes come before a Friday deadline where all policy bills must pass in one committee.

Read the live blog and watch video, read the bills and related stories at the same time.

Read the bills:
House File 1054
Senate File 925

Related video/stories:
GOP Lawmaker/Life Insurance Salesman says Gayness A Mental Illness
Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen causes stir on House floor when he introduces friend who “left” the “gay lifestyle” and had three kids.
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House Civil Law Committee morning session:

Selected highlights from that session:
11-year-old testifier infers same-sex marriage would take away moms from kids

Family Of Gay Son Testifies For Same-Sex Marriage in MN

Randi Reitan is no stranger to the fight over same-sex marriage. She sparked a successful nation-wide boycott against Target when it donated to a group supporting an anti-gay candidate for Minnesota Governor. Today she, her husband and her son testifiesfor the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota before the Minnesota House Civil Law committee.

Carlson Co. Chair Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Former CEO and chairwoman of the Carlson Companies, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, explains the business case for allowing same-sex marriage. She testified before the Minnesota House Civil Law Committee which is considering a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

GOP Lawmaker Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage

Lynne Osterman who was elected as a Republican to the Minnesota legislature says regrets casting a “political expedient” vote for Minnesota’s “Defense of Marriage” law that outlawed same-sex marriage. She tears up when talking about it and urges Minnesota lawmakers to legalize same-sex marriage.

Senate hearing – Pro same-sex marriage side:

Senate hearing – Anti same-sex marriage side and additional public testimony

Senate hearing- discussion and vote passing marriage equality bill

Selected highlights from the Senate hearing:
Same-Sex Marriage Leads To Promiscuity Says Newspaper Columnist

Katherine Kersten who writes a conservative opinion column for the Star Tribune newspaper claims that marriage equality will lead to promiscuity and difficulty in breast feeding.

First, if marriage is merely about emotional intensity, traditional marital norms based on male-female complimentarily sexual exclusivity and permanence no longer make sense or at least become optional. Yet these norms are vital to the well-being of children.

Second, if emanational attachment is all that’s required, the logic for limiting marriage to two people or even to people in a sexual relationship disappears.

Third, making marriage a gender-neutral institution would radically alter parenthood. Children need both a mother and a father who bring different and complimentary qualities to childrearing and the research on this is very clear— starting with breast feeding.

House Civil Law Committee evening hearing
Public testimony

House Civil Law Committee discussion and 10-7 vote approving the bill


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