Revamped Voter Photo ID Gets Narrow Senate Hearing

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Hundreds of people are expected to show up to this afternoon’s hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment requiring Minnesotans to present a photo ID to vote. However, it is unlikely they will be able to talk about the potential voter suppression effect the amendment would have.

A note, presumably from the committee chair Mike Parry, is attached to today’s agenda: “This committee has jurisdiction over a potential fiscal impact to the Secretary of State. Please keep any testimony within this jurisdiction.”

As The UpTake first reported on Friday, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has proposed a system that is more secure and less costly than voter photo ID. The photo poll book makes the state responsible for having a picture of the voter to match to the face of the voter at the polls. New voters would have their pictures taken right at the polls. The amendment as currently written would not allow for this system.


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