Thirteen Former Republican State Legislators Endorse Horner

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Thirteen former Republican Minnesota state legislators endorsed Independence Party candidate for governor Tom HornerAccording to a press release: Peggy Leppik of Golden Valley, former chair of the House Higher Education Finance Committee, says Horner is the type of leader who “brings people together to get the best results out of a tough situation.” Neil Peterson, a former state representative and the former mayor of Bloomington, says the state’s financial situation “desperately requires a fresh talent who will bring a collaborative” style to leadership in the governor’s office.

Are we beginning to see Minnesota Republicans jump ship from GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer’s campaign?

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Press release from Tom Horner campaign:
Former GOP legislators say Horner is best choice to lead Minnesota

ST. PAUL, MN – Thirteen former Republican state legislators on Wednesday endorsed Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner.

Speaking at the Minnesota State Capitol, former Rep. Peggy Leppik of Golden Valley and Neil Peterson, former mayor and state representative from Bloomington, urged Minnesotans to vote for Horner on Nov. 2.

Horner has the temperament and leadership skills to govern on behalf of all Minnesotans and move the state forward, they said.

“It should be no surprise to those who know my political background that I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Tom Horner for governor. Horner knows the system, the players, and the issues. Horner brings people together to get the best results out of a tough situation,” said Leppik.

“As a former chair of the House Higher Education Finance Committee, I’m in full alignment with Horner’s vision for Minnesota’s education system and the reforms necessary to assure that all students have the benefit of the very best teachers,” she said.

Stating that the race is now between Horner and DFLer Mark Dayton, Leppik and Peterson agreed that if Minnesotans want jobs – good-paying jobs – the state needs Horner. They said Horner, who co-founded his own small business, has created jobs.

Horner understands the need to attract the small businesses that will turn into tomorrow’s global companies, and can handle difficult challenges and still bring opportunities to Minnesota, they said.

“Minnesota is politically and financially in a mell-of-a-hess!” Peterson said. “Our situation desperately requires a fresh talent who will bring a collaborative leader style to motivate and cultivate a cooperative legislature style. Tom Horner is the right person at the right time.”

Joining Leppik and Peterson in their support of Horner were:

– George Pillsbury, former state senator, Wayzata, Lake Minnetonka

– Bill Belanger, former state senator, Bloomington

– Dennis Ozment, former state representative, Rosemount

– Roger Scherer, former state representative, Brooklyn Center; current member, Metropolitan Council

– David Jennings, former state representative, Martin and Watonwan Counties

– Ed Oliver, former state senator, Deephaven

– Lynne Osterman, former state representative, New Hope

– Dave Bishop, former state representative, Rochester

– Bill Schreiber, former state representative, Brooklyn Park; former House Minority Leader

– Art Seaberg, former state representative, South St. Paul

– Rod Searle, former state representative, Waseca; former Speaker of the House

An early Republican supporter of Horner, Pillsbury said, “During the caucus in February, Tom Horner made more sense than any of the alternatives. Horner has a good of grasp of the issues and responsibilities that come with being governor, more than any candidate in my life. Horner understands the needs of Minnesota, but better yet, he knows how to meet them.”

Belanger, who served for 26 years, and 24 of those as a member of the Senate Tax Committee, said, “I am supporting Tom Horner for governor. Only Tom can put an end to this partisanship that has crippled the Legislature these past four years. Horner is the only candidate who understands that our state tax system is antiquated and outdated. His tax proposal is the only one which is fiscally responsible. Anyone who understands the intricacies of our tax system knows Horner’s opponents do not have a workable strategy.”

Horner said, “It speaks volumes that former legislators — the men and women who best understand the leadership that will be needed for Minnesota to succeed in the next four years — are endorsing me. It is especially noteworthy that these Republicans have made the decision that I am the candidate who is best positioned to win in November. I am deeply grateful for their support.”


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