Supporting LGBT+ Youth

LGBT+ youth are at increased risk for bullying compared to peers, as well as child abuse or foster care placement due to parent rejection. This is what to do if your child comes out to you.

Narratives from Day One of The Protests Following George Floyd’s Murder

By: Rico Morales, Freelance Reporter

UpTake reporter Rico Morales interviewed people on the street the day after George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis, was killed by a Minneapolis police officer. Rico Morales works at the Cup Foods. A Cup Foods employee had called the cops on Floyd. The grocery store is a long-standing, immigrant-owned business.

The Law and Black Hair

Women of color have dealt with stigmas surrounding their hair for centuries. From the ancient world spanning into today’s world, the struggle continues with identities concerning topics of hair texture, hair styles and the fight to make a change.

Legislative shutdown on table. Who loses?

The Minnesota State Legislature recently passed a $21 million COVID-19 response package, but as the virus spreads, and the Minnesota State Legislature keeps open a possibility of shutting down session, others worry that under-represented communities might be left in the lurch.

The Future of Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations

Minneapolis League of Women Voters, Civic Buzz, Feb., 4, 2020, had an overflow crowd, the largest audience in a long time, of citizens concerned about neighborhood organization. Since 2015, Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations and the City of Minneapolis have been preparing for funding changes expected in 2020. The City is in the final stages of many years of discussions, reports, outreach, and feedback. They recently passed the Neighborhoods 2020 Framework and in September 2019, contracted with the University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) for the final phase of Neighborhoods 2020. CURA is completing a report that will soon be entering a 45 day public comment period before going to the City Council.