Radical News Radio Hour: Line 3 & Looking Forward to the Legislative Session

On today’s episode of the Radical News Radio Hour we’re talking about the Line 3 Pipeline. We’ll also open up a conversation that will continue in future episodes and wrap up in January around how local organizations and movements are activating and organizing around the upcoming session. Our first interview will be with Education Minnesota President Denise Specht. https://soundcloud.com/user-195922739/radical-news-radio-hour-episode-23

Shopping Local: Holiday Guide

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on Twin Cities-area businesses. Local businesses, micro-entrepreneurs, and BIPOC-owned businesses have often been hit hardest. Here’s a list of local businesses you can support in the Twin Cities.

Radical News Radio Hour: Discussing the Power of Hmong Women and Legislative Bonding

On Episode 19 of the Radical News Radio Hour, we discuss the work of Maiv PAC, the only Hmong-American women’s Political Action Committee in the country, as well as the recently-passed Bonding Bill from the Minnesota State Legislature. We also introduce our newest sponsor, The UpTake, a Twin Cities-based community news organization. 

You can listen to the show on Spotify, Soundcloud, and elsewhere. You can find links to every episode of the Radical News Radio Hour here. The UpTake is proud to sponsor and co-produce the Radical News Radio Hour. Radical News Radio Hour is aimed at telling the stories of social movements and community organizing across the Twin Cities.

The Farewell Party

By Marjaan Sirdar, Freelance Writer & Columnist

Today, we can make a case that Donald Trump and the Republicans are inciting revolution. After armed right-wing demonstrators took to the capitol grounds in states across the country to protest stay at home orders, Trump tweeted on April 17, “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!!” With Trump at the helm, I would argue that the Republican Party today is a much bigger risk to our national security than the Communist Party of the past, who was outlawed for years after Congress passed the Communist Control Act of 1954, declaring the party revolutionary. Since President Ronald Reagan’s Revolution, the Republican Party has been less of a political organization in the traditional sense that builds popular support via democratic processes to advance their agenda, and more of a criminal enterprise with paramilitary cells across the country that cheat, swindle and use violence to hold onto power and privilege. Now it’s Trump’s party, they no longer hide their criminal intent or their ties to far-right terrorist groups.