Rising Drug Costs Force MN Seniors to Make Tough Choices

By: Mike Moen (Minnesota News Connection)

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The rising cost of prescription drugs continues to grab the attention of lawmakers and advocacy groups. AARP Minnesota says some of its members are being forced to choose between buying life-saving drugs or buying food, and they hope an upcoming forum will produce solutions on bringing drug costs down. Erin Parrish, associate state director of advocacy with AARP Minnesota, said the situation has reached a breaking point.

Whether your phone service is a traditional line or internet-based, Minnesota consumer advocates say the protections should be the same.

Consumer Advocates: Don’t Hang Up on Internet Phone Protections

A bill before the Minnesota Legislature would eliminate some consumer protections to an increasingly-popular telephone service known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which many believe could leave older Minnesotans and those in rural parts of the state hanging.

AARP opposes a bill that would allow insurance companies to charge older workers much higher premiums.

AARP: “Age Tax” For Health Insurance Unfair

Under the new Republican healthcare plan, insurance companies would be allowed to charge older workers much more than younger workers, a move that AARP Wisconsin calls an “age tax.”

AARP is launching a new campaign to convince members of Congress to keep President Donald Trump's commitment to safeguard Medicare.

AARP Launches Major Campaign to Protect Medicare

The nation’s largest senior advocacy group, AARP, is launching a campaign to block congressional efforts to turn Medicare into a voucher system.