President Obama delivers his weekly address

Obama: US Using Less Foreign Oil

President Obama renews his call to end the $4 billion in tax breaks that oil companies receive each year while collecting record profits. The President asks everyone to tell their elected officials to stop this corporate welfare and fight for a clean energy future that is within our reach. In his weekly address President Obama says: “Take a look at this chart. Six years ago, 60% of the oil we used was imported. Since I took office, America’s dependence on foreign oil has decreased every single year.

GM, Obama Prove Cynics Wrong

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Key quote from President Obama’s weekly address:

Of course, if some folks had their way, none of this would be happening at all. This plant might not exist. There were leaders of the just say no crowd in Washington who argued that standing by the auto industry would guarantee failure. One called it the worst investment you could possibly make. They said we should just walk away and let these jobs go.

Obama’s First New Car Was A Grand Cherokee

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President Obama visits the Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, MI to talk to workers about how investments in the auto industry are helping create and save American jobs. Amusing story from President Obama:
Now, before I make my remarks, Ive got to disclose, Im a little biased here because the first new car that I ever bought was a Grand Cherokee. (Applause.) First new car. Up until that point I had had some old, beat up — (laughter) — used cars — they were not state of the art. And I still remember walking into that showroom and driving out with that new car.

Obama: GM, America On The Move

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Key quote from President Obama’s visit to the GM plant in Hamtramck, Michigan:
We are back on our feet. We are on the move. GM is on the move. The U.S. auto industry is on the move. And America is on the move, and Im not going to rest until every single American worker who wants to get back to work is going to be back to work.