Progressive Democrats of America Founder Tim Carpenter

Progressives Challenge Obama In Iowa

Saying the Barack Obama has not kept his promises, Progressive Democrats of America founder Tim Carpenter is organizing people to go to the Iowa caucus and vote for “uncommitted” as a way challenge President Obama.

Howard Dean: Republicans Work for Corporations, not for People

ollowing his Netroots Nation keynote speech on Thursday night, former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Vermont Governor Howard Dean told The UpTake that Republicans have shown in Wisconsin and other Midwestern states this winter that they work for corporations and not for the people.

Howard Dean at Netroots Nation 2011

Howard Dean: The Tea Party Of Hate

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean says the future doesn’t belong to the Tea Party. He calls the Tea Party a desperate minority that is growing more desperate as they shrink. Dean says the hate and anger of the Tea Party will never win.