Whether your phone service is a traditional line or internet-based, Minnesota consumer advocates say the protections should be the same.

Consumer Advocates: Don’t Hang Up on Internet Phone Protections

A bill before the Minnesota Legislature would eliminate some consumer protections to an increasingly-popular telephone service known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), which many believe could leave older Minnesotans and those in rural parts of the state hanging.

Old Media Catches On To Livestreaming — And Tries To Catch Up With The UpTake

Keeping You Posted — An OpenLetter from Jason Barnett, Executive Director of The UpTake

The social media buzz sparked by the live-streamed video of Wendy Davis’s 11-hour filibuster in the Texas State Senate is still going strong. The Columbia Journalism Review is practically fainting at the “sexy” power of this whole, new-fangled series of tubes and things we, um, call The Internet. CJR’s headline about the Texas Tribune’s video streaming of the event, which captured online viewers from coast to coast, was, “Making politics and policy news sexy,” with the breathless story focusing on the magic of this whole “live video” thing. To us at The UpTake, it was as if CJR had caught up to the invention of the trans-Atlantic telegraph. What Hath God Wrought, indeed. I have news for CJR and other folks who have just begun to tumble to the fact that delivery of public-interest events like Davis’ brave stand against a punitive anti-abortion proposal has jumped ahead of the 20th Century.

Representative Edward Markey (D-Maryland) speaks to the National Conference For Media Reform


Representative Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) delivers a fiery speech to journalists gathered at the National Conference For Media Reform in Boston. He says Republicans in Congress are trying to shut down the internet at the same time they are trying to shut down the government