Horner: Emmer Leadership Lacking On Abortion Issue (CC)

Video by Craig Stellmacher
Following Friday’s Minnesota Gubernatorial debate, Independence Party candidate Tom Horner said he was puzzled by why Republican Party candidate Tom Emmer won’t answer questions about what he would do as Governor on abortion issues. Tom Horner: “You know I don’t understand why Representative Emmer won’t answer some of these questions. I mean I think it is fairly well known where his position is on abortion. And I respect his position, his right to take that position. I think it’s misplaced in that where I believe we ought to put our resources and where I think he could have the conversation and where both Dayton and Emmer ought to join me in leading is how do we reduce the need for abortion.

“Crock Of Crap” Says Hahn On Horner’s Client List Claim

While it may be low on the media radar, the battle between the two Independence Party candidates for Governor has gotten nasty. At a live debate on KFAI today, Rob Hahn accused Tom Horner’s campaign of lying about Hahn’s divorce on an internet post.  Hahn then challenged Horner to release his client list from when he worked at PR agency Himle Horner.  Hahn then said he would be revealing his list of donors at a 10:30 AM news conference to prove that his campaign is not being funded by the Republican party.  Horner countered that it wasn’t Hahn’s campaign that was trying to torpedo him, it was Republicans talking about “creating mischief” by  voting for  Hahn in the Independence Party primary as a way of getting Horner out of the race.  The Republican endorsed candidate for Governor Tom Emmer is expected to easily win his party’s primary. Hahn had more to say at a morning news conference.  We’ll have that video posted soon.