Why We Celebrate July 4th

Most of us know July 4th is the day the United States issued the Declaration of Independence. But have you ever read it? Consider its words in the light of today’s political turmoil. Has much really changed?

Daily UpTake

Today TheUptake brings you live streaming from President Obama’s speech in Cleveland, a Governor’s debate tonight in St. Paul, and a Tea Party rally in rural Minnesota.

DFLers Unite:”The Danger Is Tom Emmer”

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Bill Clinton once said Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line. At the DFL Unity Press Conference, Democrats fell in line and had no love lost for Republican Gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. “Today we unite as DFLers we unite to beat Tom Emmer” said Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Unity is not something that always comes easily or naturally for Democrats. “The danger is Tom Emmer” said MN DFL Party Chair Brian Melendez

“The DFL doesn’t consider the minimum wage to be what Emmer calls socialism or the 35W bridge repair fund to be feel good legislation” said Mark Dayton

The Unity Press Conference came hours after the late-night primary race between DFL candidates Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Mark Dayton, and Matt Entenza. The margin between Kelliher and Dayton at times veered into recount territory.

Progressives Have Mixed Emotions Over Dayton Win

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By Bill Sorem
It may have been the heat, it may have been because the election ran so late into the night, but a sampling of Minnesota progressives we talked to this morning were reserved in their comments on the result of the DFL Governor Primary. These members of MoveOn.org were gathered for “The Other 98% Rallies (the 98% not represented by Congressional cash lobbies). At the time of the interviews, Mark Dayton was ahead, but Margaret Anderson Kelliher had not yet conceded. No matter who they supported, the responses were almost stereotypical Minnesotan. No great elation, no great disappointment.

Kelliher Congratulates Dayton

Margaret Anderson Kelliher congratulates Mark Dayton on winning the DFL Gubernatorial Primary. Dayton will now face Republican Tom Emmer and Independence Party Tom Horner in November.

Kelliher Concedes, Congratulates Dayton

Statement from the Margaret Anderson Kelliher Campaign:
“I just spoke with Mark Dayton and congratulated him on winning the DFL primary. I offered him my full support. He will make an excellent governor. “I am so grateful for all of the hard work of our volunteers and supporters over the last twelve months. This was a people-powered, grassroots campaign and we should all be proud of what we achieved together.

Kelliher:No Concession Until All Votes Counted

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“It’s been a long night” said Candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher around 12:30 AM, “..and it’s going to be a little bit longer night”. For most of the night, Kelliher led in the DFL Gubernatorial Primary. But as the night turned into day and the votes came in from St. Louis County in Minnesota’s Iron Range, Mark Dayton pulled ahead of Kelliher. Dayton spent the last day before the primary campaigning in that area.

On Camera:MN Primary Exit Poll Interviews

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By Craig Stellmacher
From the MN Church Center on Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, I conducted a number of exit interviews. I heard from supporters of almost every candidate, but I probably heard the name Dayton more often than all others. These were serious voters, almost to a person, they said that it was an obligation to come in and vote. “You can’t bitch–if you don’t vote”–said one lady. The issues, were largely economic, but I also ran into an Emmer supporter that said he was voting for “moral” reasons, and he was voting against gay marriage and abortion by voting for Emmer.

Journalists Fact Check DFL/IP MN Governor Candidates

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Recently several reporters who cover Minnesota politics got together to talk about what it takes to fact check the candidates running for Governor. In this video we hear from Minnesota Public Radio’s Tom Scheck, WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler, MinnPost’s Eric Black and PoliGraph’s Catharine Richert about fact checking DFL candidates Matt Entenza, Mark Dayton and Margaret Anderson Kelliher as well as IP candidate Tom Horner. It’s a fascinating discussion. If you missed it, we’ve posted the entire forum here. Our next video looks at journalists fact checking Republican candidate Tom Emmer.

Franken On Kelliher: “Very Rational, Very Strong Leader”

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US Senator Al Franken (DFL-MN) is flying around Minnesota today supporting DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Last night, Franken was among a crowd of Margaret Anderson Kelliher supporters that rallied on front of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul just before the final debate between Kelliher and her two opponents in Tuesday’s Primary — Mark Dayton and Matt Entenza. Franken told others waiting for the debate to begin that Kelliher is “a very rational and very strong leader. She was able to override the Governor’s veto on transportation.”

Kelliher Supporters Joined By Sen.Franken, Mayor Coleman In Rally Before The DFL Debate

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Supporters of Margaret Anderson Kelliher, including Senator Al Franken, Congressman Keith Ellison and Minneapolis Mayor Chris Coleman rally outside the Fitzgerald theater before the MPR DFL Debate.  Franken said Senator Amy Klobuchar was unable to be here for the rally because her mother died. Kelliher, Franken and former Vice President Walter Mondale will be flying around the state today in a flurry of final campaigning before tomorrow’s primary. Kelliher’s opponent Mark Dayton is spending the day focusing on the the Iron Range region in northeastern Minnesota , Duluth and the Twin Cities.  The Iron Range, Duluth and the Twin Cities are generally where most of the votes in the DFL primary come from. Details on the candidates campaign schedule when you continue reading. Margaret Anderson Kelliher and John Gunyou’s campaign schedule for Monday August 9, 2010
Kelliher, Mondale, Franken, Saxhaug, and Persell in Grand Rapids
Itasca County DFL
809 NE 4th Street
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Gunyou, Growe, Cassutt, Wellstone, Doty, and Kulick Jackson in Saint Cloud

Today’s UpTake- Assessing The Final DFL Governor Candidates Debate – Mon Aug 9, 2010

Political observers & reporters assess the final DFL Gubernatorial debate
We asked University of Minnesota Professor of rhetoric John Logie to comment on our live blog during the debate.  His assessment:

“I think Dayton ‘won’ in the moment where he looked MAK in the eye and challenged her math. He seemed well prepared and thoughtful throughout. He’s not a dynamo, but I suspect this will put him over the top”

More of Professor Logie’s observations on the debate later in this story. Rachel Stassen-Berger at the Star Tribune focused in on the disagreement between DFL-endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton over just who is taxed under Dayton’s tax plan. Dayton said it wasn’t true that middle income couples were going to be taxed under his plan.

Dayton, Kelliher Clash On Tax Plan

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During a segment of Sunday’s Minnesota Gubernatorial debate, candidates were given the opportunity to ask each other questions. DFL endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher asked her opponent in the primary Mark Dayton about his income tax plan. After the debate, Kelliher explained why the figures Dayton was using were still wrong.

Today’s UpTake – Thurs Aug 5

All you need to know about politics today. Minnesota primary looms just 5 days away, campaigning heats up
Republican Tom Emmer told a Farmfest crowd that he voted for E20.  Not so says his DFL opponent Margaret Anderson Kelliher.  Who’s right? We sort it out here with the video clips and the real voting records.

Fact Check: Emmer’s E20 Voting Record

History has a way of repeating itself.  In 2006 Democrat Mike Hatch was locked in a tight race for Governor with Republican Tim Pawlenty.  A few days before the election Hatch’s running mate, Judi Dutcher, appeared not to know what E85 was and Hatch ended up losing the race. That foggy type of recollection is an issue again in 2010.  Except this time the question is not what is E85 or in this case E20.. but did you vote for it or against it. Here are some excerpts from the Gubernatorial debate at Farmfest Wednesday:

Margaret Anderson Kelliher- DFL endorsed candidate for Governor:
“Now my Republican opponent Tom Emmer has not supported biofuels. And I’m going to be very interested in his answer today.

Today’s UpTake – Wed Aug 4, 2010

A quick summary of what you need to know about politics today. Minnesota Governor’s race
The big event is the Farmfest debate which features a rare appearance by Republican Tom Emmer.  Emmer has been absent at most of the inter-party debates so far this campaign season.  Video of the debate from a farm field near Redwood Falls will be live streamed on The UpTake as long as the internet connection cooperates. Continue reading and get the latest on endorsements, Congressional races and campaign finance issues. DFL endorsed candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher added another newspaper endorsement to her list today.  On the heels of her Star Tribune and ECM newspaper endorsement comes one from the University of Minnesota student run newspaper The Minnesota Daily.  The endorsement says “The Editorial Board interviewed every candidate and we think Kelliher has the smartest approach to filling the $6 billion budget gap.” The Daily also likes Matt Entenza’s policies saying they don’t differ much from Kelliher.  However, the paper says Entenza’s campaign conduct does. “The decision to select former Fox 9 news anchor Robyne Robinson — who has no political experience — as his lieutenant governor contrasts sharply with Kelliher’s pick of John Gunyou, a former finance commissioner.