Kelliher Proposes Property Tax Cap For Seniors

Under the Tim Pawlenty administration, property taxes in Minnesota have soared as the state cut back the aid it gives local governments. Seniors have been hit hard by property tax increases because the taxes on their homes go up while their income goes down after retirement. DFL endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher today proposed limiting property tax increases for people over 65 who make less than $100,000 a year or couples making less than $150,000 a year — capping them at the rate of inflation. Kelliher met with the press and seniors to talk issues at the Sabathani Senior Center. Supporting her at the podium were her mother; and Lt. Gov. Candidate John Gunyou as well as former Vice President Walter Modale; former Sec.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher Calls For Campaign Disclosure Reform

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By Craig Stellmacher
On the day before candidates must disclose their financial contributions, DFL endorsed candidate for Minnesota Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher stood in her typical middle class driveway in Minneapolis, and called for fuller disclosure. She pointed to a study by the center for public integrity, that ranked Minnesota 40th for disclosure finance laws. She made obvious references to the two elephants in the room but didn’t call them by name : her opponents in the DFL primary Matt Entenza and Mark Dayton, who have been able to marshal a lot of their own money for their campaigns. Kelliher, contributed $250 to her own campaign last and this year. 3,523 individuals paid an average of $218.03, towards her $1.23 million total raised so far.

MAK Campaigns at African American Leadership Forum

Click to Play July 23, 2010, St Paul Campus, University of Minnesota. Margaret Anderson Kelliher, endorsed DFL candidate for Minnesota Governor, speaks to the African American Leadership Forum. Five minute, tightly timed formal presentation gave way to hand-to-hand campaigning with the audience.