Tom Emmer Declares Victory

Emmer Declares Victory After “Hallway” Wait

While declaring victory in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, Republican Tom Emmer tells supporters “They tell us all the time that when one door closes another one opens. As I’ve told many of you, they do not tell us how miserable it is to wait in the hallway.”

Tom Emmer and Joe Perske shake hands moments after Perske attacks Emmer's record of uncooperative behavior.

Uncomfortable Moment: Perske Attacks Emmer For “Threatening” Divisive Record-Emmer Has No Response

In his closing statement Joe Perske (DFL) , who had been reserved and focused on the issues during the debate, took aim at Tom Emmer’s (R) behavior and record in the Minnesota legislature that Perske characterized as “divisive” “bullying, threatening” and “uncooperative” not just to Democrats but to Republicans as well. Emmer declined to respond.

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Graves Concedes Narrow Race To Bachmann

The Chair of Minnesota’s Democratic party says Representative Michele Bachmann who is holding a slim lead over Democrat Jim Graves will lose. Ken Martin says the remaining precincts to be counted are expected to favor Graves.