Spitting And Lurking Ordinance Hearing

Can These Stories Help Eliminate Structural Racism?

It takes more than a law to eliminate structural racism. According to Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon it also takes people speaking up and telling their stories. Listen to some of them.

Protest At McDonalds

Fight For $15 Draws Huge Crowd, Invades McDonalds

A rally for $15 an hour draws a huge crowd at the University of Minnesota. Many in the crowd then march to a nearby McDonald’s to confront the manager about the low wages the store pays workers.

Fire Destroys Neighborhoods Organizing For Change Office

Activist group Neighborhoods Organizing For Change is homeless for the moment but still active. A fire destroyed the NOC office and several other buildings on Wednesday morning at 913 West Broadway in Minneapolis.

Redlining: Banks Still Restricting Home Loans In “Non-White” Areas

A new report shows that from 2009 to2012, people in predominantly non-white Minneapolis neighborhoods such as Near North and Camden were three times more likely to be denied loans – – regardless of what race the person was who applied for the loan. “The lack of access to credit continues to plague communities of color in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area,” says Myron Orfield from the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity. (More…)