Howard Dean at Netroots Nation 2011

Howard Dean: The Tea Party Of Hate

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean says the future doesn’t belong to the Tea Party. He calls the Tea Party a desperate minority that is growing more desperate as they shrink. Dean says the hate and anger of the Tea Party will never win.

Franken:“The UpTake Proved that Minnesota Is Not Florida”

Senator Al Franken (D-Min) didn’t disappoint as he wrapped up the 2010 Netroots conference. While he thanked supporters and activists, specifically mentioning The UpTake for chronicling the eight-month recount, he cautioned everyone against giving up the fight. Among his comments:

“Corporations aren’t inherently evil but they are inherently powerful. They know more about you than you know about them.” We didn’t get everything we wanted but if we give up now, the Republicans will take away everything that we did get. Once, only the government could threaten your First Amendment rights.