White House: Romney “Desperate” To Change Subject

Dropping in the polls and stung by the release of a video that shows Mitt Romney dismissing the “47 percent” of voters who will probably support President Obama as “victims”, Romney’s campaign is “desperate” to change the subject says White House Spokesman Jay Carney.

Obama’s Perfect Tweet

“I’m the master twitter”, President Obama jokes. “I twooshed” said the President when he was told that was the term for an exact 140 character tweet.

Obama:Fraud, Middle East Conflict, Driving Up Gas Prices

President Obama says many of the factors that are driving up gas prices are out of our control such as unrest in the Middle East. However, he points out there are some things that are in our control such as fraud and manipulation that can cause prices to spike even further.

President Obama delivers his weekly address

Obama: US Using Less Foreign Oil

President Obama renews his call to end the $4 billion in tax breaks that oil companies receive each year while collecting record profits. The President asks everyone to tell their elected officials to stop this corporate welfare and fight for a clean energy future that is within our reach. In his weekly address President Obama says: “Take a look at this chart. Six years ago, 60% of the oil we used was imported. Since I took office, America’s dependence on foreign oil has decreased every single year.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

Obama Calls Rush Limbaugh’s Victim

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney talks about a conversation President Obama had with Georgetown Washington student Sandra Fluke, who has been a target of hate speech from talk show host Rush Limbaugh.