Sen Ron Latz and Rep. Tony Cornish

How To Fix Minnesota’s Over-Capacity Prison System?

More than 500 inmates are housed in county jails across Minnesota because the state’s prisons are too full. How to solve the problem — build more prison capacity or reduce the number of people coming into the prison system?

North Side Groups Aim At Gun Violence

North Side Minneapolis neighbors took aim at the ways that systemic racism perpetuates the cycle of violence at a forum organized by Protect Minnesota. The forum, which as held at the office of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change on Broadway Avenue, included a call to oppose a bill in the Minnesota State Senate which they say criminalizes youth of color, rather than focusing on prevention.

Gay Marriage Issue is Attack on a Minority

Minnesota State Senator Ron Latz (DFL) urged his fellow legislators last week to “be afraid of the tyranny of the majority” not because the majority doesn’t rule, but because the constitution is there to protect the rights of the minority, even if we disagree with them.