Governor Mark Dayton Delivers The State of The State Address

Today’s UpTake: Back to Politics as Usual

Yesterday, The UpTake unleashed an entire team of editors, volunteers and interns to bring you coverage of Governor Mark Dayton’s first State of the State address — including demonstrations outside the House Chamber — and both responses from the GOP and the DFL.

Is GOP Burying Newman Ethics Hearings?

Tomorrow afternoon, Minnesota Republican State Senator Scott Newman will face an ethics hearing at the State Capitol centering around an e-mail that Newman’s Capitol office sent to the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) on Jan. 20.

Rally for Egyptian people at Minnesota State Capitol

Today’s UpTake: Battles in Egypt, Budgets in MN

Follow The UpTake today and this week as we broadcast news of budget battles here in Minnesota and the battle for democracy on the streets of Egypt. As we have all month, we’ll continue to provide livestreams of legislative turf wars between the Republican-controlled State House and Senate, and Governor Dayton’s office.