Retirees in Minnesota pay taxes on the Social Security benefits they receive. Only a dozen other states tax these benefits.

Retirees Hope For Tax Relief In MN Budget Agreement

Retired folks in Minnesota hope they’ll be included in any tax breaks state lawmakers and Gov. Mark Dayton agree on during a final budget plan. Only a dozen other states tax Social Security benefits.

MNGOP: Expand Tax Break For Low-Income Seniors To All Retirees

Minnesota Republicans are proposing the state eventually eliminate its tax on Social Security benefits. Currently Minnesota taxes Social Security benefits at the same rate as the federal government, meaning that people whose income mostly relies on social security is not taxed, but those who have additional income are taxed.

Sen. Franken Calls Progressives the New Conservatives

At his Netroots Nation 2011 keynote speech in Minneapolis this morning, Senator Al Franken painted the Republicans as the party of radical change for their attempt to dismantle the social safety net. Progressives, Franken added, are the new conservatives because they are trying to preserve what they won in hard-fought battles.