GOP Chooses Corporations Over Renters

Renters versus corporations is how Minnesota House Democrats described a bill that phases out a state business property tax at the expense of a renters credit. Republicans say the bill will leave more money with businesses which will boost employment. The bill passed on a 72-62 party line vote.

Governor Mark Dayton delivers the state of the state address

Gov Dayton Asks Rich To Help MN With Taxes And Volunteering

During his first State of the State address, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says he will propose wealthy Minnesotans pay higher taxes. He suggests that the tax would be temporary allowing the state of Minnesota to recover from the financial mess it is in. Governor Dayton said:
“Some will criticize me for proposing next week to ask those successful businessmen and women and other wealthy Minnesotans to pay higher taxes. I ask them for their forbearance during this fiscal crisis, which I did not create, but inherited, and now, with you in the Legislature, must solve. I ask Minnesota’s business leaders and other most successful citizens to give us two years to turn this Ship of State around.