10 Minute Walk to a Park

Story and Video by Bill Sorem

A 10 minute walk to a park for 97% of the Minneapolis population was one of the metrics that has traditionally kept Minneapolis on the top of the listing of cities park systems by The Trust For Public Land. The 2019 listing had Minneapolis in 3rd place, behind St.Paul which was in second. First place went to Washington D.C. In 2018, Minneapolis was in first place for the 6th consecutive year, with St. Paul 2nd. Christensen noted that this was a nice honor, but only one of the considerations in park system planning.

The June 4, 2019 version of the monthly Civic Buzz of the Minneapolis League of Women Voters featured Carrie Christensen, Minneapolis Parks Project Manager. She outlined the parks planning process and the major steps in the ongoing review and revision of the Minneapolis Park System. The city has about 15% of its land dedicated to the park system.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is working on a Comprehensive Plan. Work on this plan will be taking place through 2020. The plan is intended to set priorities and policy direction for the next decade of Minneapolis Parks. Christensen described the major issues facing the Park Board and how the community can be involved in this process.

The Parks For All program is a vision for the next decade of Minneapolis Parks and
Recreation. Public comments are being solicited, including from the attendees at the Civic Buzz, and there will be a 45 day public comment period preceding any Park Board action. This planning process will involve community, MPRB staff and the nine commissioners through 2020.

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