The UpTake is a community-based, community-centered organization and our work and leadership also arise from community. Because of this, we are always looking for individual and organizational partners. Check out the opportunities below and email us at info@theuptake.org if you’re interested in learning more.

Individual Opportunities 

  • Freelance Community Journalist-in-Training. Our freelance community journalists-in-training provide the majority of the organization’s content and receive free community journalism training and mentorship. Our professional-level community journalism training provides the training needed and each community journalist-in-training has the opportunity to publish one or more stories. This is a paid opportunity 
  • Livetweeter. Our freelance community journalists-in-training are our eyes and ears on decision-making spaces like the Minnesota State Legislature. Livetweeters receive free training and can choose their own schedule and issues to focus on. This is a paid opportunity that runs during the legislative session and in the weeks immediately before and after session. 
  • Volunteer. This is a non-paid opportunity for individuals interested in supporting the work of the organization, whether it is designing fliers and promoting events, transcribing short bits of audio (usually under 30 minutes), etc. 

Organizational Opportunities 

The UpTake is a partnership-driven and editorially-independent organization and we love to work with organizations across the Twin Cities in furthering our mission and supporting corresponding missions and projects. If you’re looking for community journalism education, training, and/or mentorship or editorial support and guidance, please email us at info@theuptake.org with details and to set up a meeting.


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