The UpTake values the generosity of the donors who help us sustain the important work we do, including holding government actors transparent, training community journalists, and publishing community-oriented journalism.

You can find a list of The UpTake’s major supporters and sponsors here.

Because we value transparency, we commit to:

  • Identifying all donors and sponsors, whether they be grant-funders, unions, or community organizations, who donate more than $2500 in a given year.
  • Assure that any published content written by a donor adheres to our editorial standards of journalistic neutrality and independence.
  • Refusing any and all financial contributions from funders that our Board of Directors believe present a real or perceived conflict of interest with our organization’s work.
  • The UpTake does not and will not accept funding from government entities, excluding foundations and educational institutions; as well as political parties, elected officials or active candidates for public office. We will be transparent about support from individuals or groups whose primary purpose may be to bring about particular public policies.
  • The UpTake may consider donations to support the coverage of particular issues, but our organization maintains editorial control of the coverage and will not allow for a right of review or any influence of editorial content. Nor will we allow for unauthorized distribution of editorial content.

The UpTake Institute developed this statement and has modeled it after statement from the Alabama Initiative for Independent Journalism and Sahan Journal, amongst other community-oriented news organizations.

Supporters & Sponsors